BBC Wildlife Photographer of The Year and his HDD Read. his story with data loss

Data we recovered for our clients always have special value for their owners. Family memories or a company's data base: the probable loss is always huge. In 2011, KÜRT recovered many far-reaching cases of data loss and could help at the time of need. We share now a story we are really proud of. The gentleman at work on the picture below is awarded now serially for the best wildlife photographer of the year by BBC.

We are more than happy to help someone who, just like us, aimed to reach excellence in his profession. At the case of Bence Mate (photographer), the media material was not really urgently or irreplaceable needed. He lost pictures and videos sorted and collected trough years of work to one hard drive.

Bence's HDD broke down in the summer of 2011. - "One morning after turning on my computer the HDD spinned-up and I heard a clicking noise. Then the clicks got silent and the device stopped." - shared Bence on his Facebook page. He then called us and sent his device to figure out the chances of recovery, that luckily was stated high.

The inner parts of the HDD were injured and the device was inoperable. Parts exchange and repair work allowed us to be able to make a phisical copy of the data area. The pictures and videos were made in Costa Rica, Brasil and Hungary. Bence works mostly in Hungary, he also crated his movie in a Hungarian national park.

KÜRT and its team wishes Bence more great awards in the future.


Bence Máté's awards:

He won several times the „BBC Wildlife Photographer of The Year” award.

2011 Eric Hosking Award (Winner)

Behaviour: All other animals (Highly Commended)

Animal Portraits (Highly commended)

2010 Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Winner)

Eric Hosking Award (Winner)

2008 Animal Behaviour: Birds (Highly commended)

2007 Eric Hosking Award (Winner)

2006 Animal Behaviour: Birds (Specially commended)

2005 Eric Hosking Award (Winner)

Animal Portraits (Runner-up)

Animal Behaviour: Birds (Highly commended)