Data Recovery at home? Is this really possible?

Reasons of data loss

Help, My data is lost!

How much does the recovery cost?

How do I place an order?

Data Recovery at home? Is that really possible?

It is extremely important to realize that simple problems can very easily grow into big problems, and, eventually, into irrevocable damage. You can certainly achieve this if, observing the problem, you try to fix it yourself using a software downloaded from the Internet that “works miracles", or ask your neighbour's son who's a “genuine computer wizard".

It may happen that these faith healing techniques really solve the problem. Trouble is, that in case of certain problems, the storage media should not be switched on, let alone fiddled with. Telling the difference in any given case requires experts, and that’s a fact. There are some symptoms that immediately reveal the need for the unit to be taken to a professional (!) data recovery service. Such symptoms are unusual, weird noises emanating from the hard disk, or you can perceive audibly that the unit fails to spin like it normally does...

There is one additional reason why it is safer for you to leave it to KÜRT. Our routine operation starts with making a backup copy of the defective media, and all subsequent activity is exercised on that backup, so that we can always return to the original. Unfortunately in many cases we find obvious traces of several unsuccessful recovery attempts, so that the original status cannot be restored, and complete data recovery is out of the question.

Reasons of data loss

Reasons of data loss can be various. It may happen that, due to an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, an unstable operating system just scrambles the file system on the hard disk, and the system searches on the wrong shelf when trying to find something. It may happen that the user inadvertently starts a function that results in data disappearance from the system (e. g. deletes a file that should not be deleted). Or else, the hard disk becomes defective, its electronic components break, or the surface of the magnetic media gets damaged at a microscopically small place, and the data stored on that particular location get lost.

The reading/writing head that “flies” over the magnetic surface at a distance of a few tenth of a micron (one micron=0.001 mm) may stick to the surface and scratch it. Not no mention cases when the metal disks storing the data get deformed in computers caught in fire at the office. Possibilities are endless.

From the above, you may have deduced that problems of various type require various solutions. Accordingly, the complexity, time and resource needs—and, consequently, the price—of any given data recovery job varies in a fairly wide range.

HELP, my data is lost!

After the first shock and invectives please calm down there's still a solution to get back those important bits and bytes. It's important that in disc unfortunate situation no inexperienced hands should touch the data carrier. Downloading an using unknown software with the hope they'll solve the problem usually result with frustration.
Inappropriate data recovery attempts may causes problems even experts can't solve and will result in ultimate data loss.
Our specialized customer service is ready to guide you through the first steps of getting back your data you need. Please call us at our hotline. Data Recovery hotline: + 49 (0) 234 / 9 233 096

How much does the recovery cost?

Price of recovery varies by the art of data carrier and the problem we have to resolve to get your data back. Usually as a first step we make an analysis report on the possible recovery predictions including a detailed price quotation. Please check our our analysis prices as Prices menu.

You can also choose from our predefined special Offers that are mainly fixed price offers with predefined conditions.

How do I place an order?

To start your recovery process please fill in our Online order form. Our customer care will contact you soon to advise you on packing and Shipping as well  process and payments related issues.