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KÜRT Data Recovery Services

KÜRT as European market leader in data rescue provides the following services:

HDD data recovery

We recovery data from physical or software injured HDDs'. The data recovery takes place in clean room laboratory.

Tape recovery

Inaccessible archive data can be used again with KÜRT's data recovery service.

Server / Raid recovery

Software rebuild of failure raids, servers, nas, or other storages.
Data recovery from physical injured data store devices counted above.

Cellphone recovery

Valuable visit cards, contacts, notes recovery from cellphones. software or hardware data recovery.

FLASH and pendrive recovery

Memory cards (SC, MiniSD, MicroSD, Xd, etc.), pen drive, other FLASH based data carrier recovery. In the event of physical or software damage.

CD & DVD recovery

CD and DVD disk's data recovery after physical, chemical and software malfunction.


Floppy, ZIP drive recovery

Injured or malfunction Floppy or ZIP drive analysis and recovery.


News & Press

Data Insurance

KÜRT Data Recovery is busy in offering high quality da insurance services.

Data Recovery service partner for Insurance companies

  • KÜRT Data Recovery acts as service provider for data recovery in case of data loss with the event of a home / business and liability insurance events.We're proud partners of insurance companies e.g.: EUB, AEGOB, HUK

If you experienced data loss please check your insurance to qualify for data recovery on the insurance's coverage.

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